We have explained the importance of understanding the difference of each sub-region in this article. Meanwhile, we’ve also covered the details of how to leverage the same resources for the approach of regional goals in this article. Now we are moving to the third factor ‘transparent communication’. This factor is to help you with your daily work at the execution level with the local/sub-region team, some sub-sectors below.

No stereotype

As we sit in our country but take care of businesses of a region, many of us would make a judgment on our perspectives, however, this stereotype is dangerous. Remember…

In the previous article, I have introduced what are the 3 factors to play a regional role well, and have details on the first factor, “understand the difference”. In this article, I continue on the second factor “leverage the same “ and give some examples from my previous experience.

Leverage the same

As a regional role, you need to understand the difference through some dimensions, the key is to ‘separate territories’. However, while moving to the next step, you need to integrate all the information you get. The key to ‘leverage the same’ is to ‘make strategy and take action as a whole…

This article is based on my regional experience (APAC) to share with people who intend to transition to a regional role or just expand their territory to just more than one country/region. As a role who is in charge of a region, you care bout not only one market but take all countries in your region as a whole and arrange resources, aligning the targets and take actions accordingly.

To begin with the end, I’d like to put the conclusion as the point we start with. “Think globally, act locally” is the key to success. As a regional role, you…

I am gonna introduce a very simple but very useful function of Tableau, no need to be an expert and be equipped with absolutely high skills. If you are users, not developers or administrators, this function can help you to save a lot of time on daily business. A custom view is a way that you can save your custom setting of filters and no need to re-set the filters every time. Meanwhile, you wouldn't affect other users. The same function on Power BI is putting here.

So how are we gonna set the custom view?

  1. Settle down all of…

Today I am gonna share a useful function to create a customized view(personal bookmark)in Power BI. If you are one of the users who access the same dashboard, you may find that sometimes the view is not that fulfill your requirements. However, from the BI engineer’s view, it is not proper to meet each user’s requirement. Here comes the solution for end-users, a customized view. …

Visualization is a trend of data exploration. The key success indicator of visualization is cleaned data sets. To clean data, you can make it through scrips by Python, R, or you can use SQL at the query stage. However, if your role is a BI analyst or end-user, you may have no access right or hard code programming ability, if so, you need to learn how to clean or transform data in your BI tools. We are talking about clean data in Power BI in this article.

Transform function in Power BI desktop version

  1. Duplicate function

You can use this function to duplicate your query. It is…

Digital transformation has been turned into a key objective for many companies and organizations after COVID. The purpose of digitalization is to improve working efficiency and increase resilience to the rapidly changing business environment. I would like to share my experience of preparing and planning digital transformation for a large organization, the topic includes the investigation, the planning, and the execution.

The investigation

The investigation covers the following parts, understand organization culture, identify the politics, understand the duty the teamwork among teams, collect the on-going projects from teams. If you are an external consultant or new hire for a company, you need…

In my previous article, I have a brief introduction of Toyota Business Practice (TBP) which is a very powerful methodology to shape your logic and a great way to solve the problem you encounter. In this article, I will be starting with the target, as we are working to achieving the target no matter what kind of tasks we are taking.

TBP introduction

Root cause finding

As we can use the SMART principle to set our target, we can have an achievable, measurable, and very clear goal over there. The next step is that we need to understand what leads to the problem we are…

When we create dashboards on the Power BI desktop, most of the time we connect to the database to pull out data. In Power BI, there are two ways you can use to load data from DB, import, or direct query. I will explain the difference and the advantages of each way to let you understand which way is proper for you.

data import options for DB connection

The differences


Using the import function, you can load the data from DB, there is a 1 GB limit to the Desktop if you plan on publishing to the BI Service. …

DAX is widely used in Microsoft solutions such as Power BI and Excel. You may have the experience of using DAX in BI, but in fact, DAX is also a very helpful tool to make the pivot tables even powerful. The foreseeable benefits from DAX are automation, standardization, and easy of maintenance.

In this article, I will be introducing three functions, Sum, Divide, and Calculate function based on conditions, to help you build a powerful and automated pivot table. I use a small data set from Uber which I got from the interview, here is the schema and the first…

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