Two methods to share the dashboards or reports on Power BI

There are some ways to share the dashboards or reports you built with users in your organizations on Power BI. Before sharing, you need either Power BI pro license or Power BI premium capacity as the foundation of data sharing. If you choose Power BI pro license as your solution, all the stakeholders who read your reports need pro licenses as well. For small organizations or teams within 10 members, I would recommend this way to share your insight. For bigger organizations, Power BI premium capacity may fit for you. All the report builder can share the capacity under the company account and adjust the resources flexibly.

Let’s move on to the ways of sharing, as a Power BI user, I would introduce two kinds of methods to share your information. The first one is using the share function of each level ( workspace, reports, datasets) and the other is using APP function.

Sharing Functions

For the sharing function, it is quite intuitive to use the sharing function that belonged to the hierarchy tabs.

Under the workspace function, you can have many projects. If you need to let your stakeholders access whole projects under your workspace, you can share the whole space with your members, otherwise, you just need to share the project you what to share with.

In the configuration of the sharing setting, you can share the content with your users and give them reshare or build authority depends on their needs. Here is one more thing, if you would like to let your users download the raw data and do extra analysis, click the box of ‘allowing to build new content using underlying datasets’. As for my experience, this setting would help the users a lot because of the reform of datasets.

Power BI APP

Another method to share your reports is building APP for the stakeholders.

The benefit of this method is that you can make your reports visible and searchable within the community of your company. For your stakeholders, they can easily find APPs related to their business and categorize the APP without extra efforts.

You can build the app via a report screen, click on the yellow button on the top right.

You can set the sharing audience under the permission tab in the setting screen. If you want your report to be viewed publicly, choose ‘entire organization’, however, if you want to limit the access to specific groups, choose ‘specific individual or group ’. The same concept that if you are willing to let your stakeholders rebuild reports by using your data, click ‘allowing the underlying data’ and save it.

To apply for Power BI pro license or Power BI premium capacity and then choose the most proper way to share your insightful reports. I believe you can build an efficient way of business communication.

A business analyst who is familiar with the APAC market and stays with 8-year experience in data analytics, project management, and operations management.